Freddo: Artisanal Ice Cream

Italian Breakfast

The bar counter fills every morning with croissants and homemade pastries. Small delights, which are perfect to accompany a good Illy coffee, a creamy cappuccino or hot chocolate with whipped cream.

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100% Natural Ice Cream

Ice cream prepared daily in our laboratory: without emulsifiers, preservatives, dyes, artificial flavouring or hydrogenated or refined vegetable fats. And many ideas for vegetarians, vegans, diabetics or celiacs.

Discover the Flavours


Snack time is delicious with our pastry proposals. The choice is yours: homemade cake with ice cream, hot tea and pastries, crepes or waffles with ice cream scoops and melted chocolate.

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We use only selected ingredients to elaborate our classic flavours and unique combinations.
In order to obtain a natural product, we don’t use emulsifiers, preservatives, dyes, industrial flavours or hydrogenated or refined vegetable fats. We produce ice creams to meet every need:
dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, for vegetarians and vegans.

The selection and
handmade Biscuits

3,50 €

Crepes with ice cream or whipped cream

1,20 €

Iced cakes

1,80 €

Ice creams, Crepes and Waffles at Home!

Choose the tray or promotion that best suits your needs and fill it with your favourite flavours. We deliver in the San Giovanni area!

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